[Unity] Queries don't work API 1.2

Unity 2021.2.17f1, new API. I need to fetch data from DB and filter. I am able to save MoralisObject to DB.

        //gives 0
        var queryMonster = await Moralis.Query<Monster>();
        var monsters = await queryMonster.FindAsync();
        Debug.Log($"monsters.Count {monsters.Count()}");

        //gives 0
        var queryUser = await Moralis.Query<MoralisUser>();
        var users = await queryUser.FindAsync();
        Debug.Log($"users.Count {users.Count()}");

Where do I find resource how to build queries using the new API? This won’t work:
MoralisQuery monster = Moralis.Query().WhereEqualTo(“ownerName”, “Aegon”);

Thanks in advance

On my second questions I think I answered myself below, athough this also returns 0 entries.

        //gives 0, there is entry in DB
        var queryMonster2 = await Moralis.Query<Monster>();
        var queryMonster2Filtered = queryMonster2.WhereContains("ownerName", "asdsad");
        IEnumerable<Monster> monstersListFilteredIE = await queryMonster2.WhereContains("ownerName", "asdsad").FindAsync();
        List<Monster> monstersListFiltered = monstersListFilteredIE.ToList();
        Debug.Log($"monsters.Count {monstersListFiltered.Count.ToString()}");