Unity Boilerplate

hello im new here and i have a noob questions… So I successfuly logged in using the wallet connect qrcode …now how to I display the NFTs that the wallet has on a canvas image … thanks for the help !

hi there,
i am trying to add the Moralis SDK with wallet connect feature to my basic Unity game.
i have tried this on 3 different projects but i am still unable to see the Moralis setup in the Hierarchy structure.

i did the drag and drop of the SDK into the Asset folder, followed the server and app ID instructions.

when i click on the introduction scene it says please create webgl project.

in the player settings there isnt a Moralis template to choose from, only the default template.

very confused as i am following the instructions accurately.


ah i see there a couple of versions this will only work with in unity. i will try it it with them.