Unity AR Metaverse (NFT Loot Box) - Helping each other

Lets use this thread to support each other with questions regarding the AR Metaverse - NFT Loot Box Project :star_struck:

Read instructions:

Feel free to ask for help here - but also ensure YOU HELP people that are asking questions you know the answers to

The Moralis staff and community managers will be keeping an eye on this too :star_struck:

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Hi guys,

This is a great tutorial which Ive followed and have got working with no issues.

I am now attempting to run the code in a webGL build but the final “minting/sign with wallet” step does not show the metamask popup and I cant work out why as the initial “connect” step works fine. Do you have any advise on how to get this working?

I’ve looked throught the docs but cant find anything, any help would be appreciated

Hi @tseabrook! thanks for your words.

Try to disconnect, reload the site, connect again an try the whole process. Let me know how that goes!


Okay thankyou I’ll give that a go and get back to you.

Im not sure at this point but I think the “ExecuteContractFunction” is whats causing my issue as it doesnt appear to be executed in my webGL build, but I’ll try it again from the start

So I have downloaded and rebuilt the AR project for webGL using the “webGL template” folder from the “webgl-web3” boilerplate project and I am still getting stuck at the “please confirm transation” step. Metamask does not pop up with the sign request in the browser plugin or mobile wallet.

I know the tutorial is not aimed at webGL but I am trying to develop the functionality of minting an item in a web browser as it would be really cool and I want to use it in a few projects.

I dont know if the webGL template is the problem as it wasnt made for this project or if the contract function just isnt executing in my browser.

I am going to try and work this out and let you guys know if I get anywhere but if you have any ideas the help would be really appreciated.

Hi @tseabrook,

Yeah definitely the tutorial is not aimed at WebGL but it should still work. Try to copy the WebGL Templates folder from Packages > Moralis Web3 Unity SDK > Resources to Assets and use that template in settings:

okay thankyou , I’ll give that a go today and let you know how I get on. Sorry if im being a bit off topic with all this, I just think it would be great to have this all running in webGL also :slight_smile:

okay I copied the template and built with it and am still not getting a popup at the minting stage in webGL, I have tested this in Chrome and Firefox

Im still poking around at this issue so I’ll let you guys know if I get anywhere