Unique metamask identification / Metamask user id

I was wondering if anyone knows if there’s a way to get the metamask user account info that specifies one user for all their accounts. IN other words, so they authenticate, you get that account eth address. Is there a way to tell if it’s the same user when they try to authenticate with another eth address on metamask . does that make sense ? I want to make sure one metamask user can only access and use my dapp as one user , not 10 different times if they have 10 eth addresses .

Or does it have to just recognize one eth address as one individual?

Ju9st want to know if it’s been done or can be done, don’t have to give me the code.
Thanks in advance

I think that if you don’t use/allow multiple addresses per account (by linking addresses to an account) then that it will be the default behaviour when one address will be one account


I think I agree with this logic. However let’s say for example, you want to give everyone one free token. But some guy is cranking out eth addresses and getting them all . what would you do ?

You can not really restrict that part on MetaMask account level. Someone could generate eth addresses and login to your application without even using MetaMask. You’ll have to find other types of protections to that problem, like maybe giving a free token to someone that did something in particular, or to an address that has at leas x tokens of type y.

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