Unhandled Rejection (TypeError): imageData.map is not a function

 const selectFile = async () => {
        const options = {
            mediaType: "photo",
            quality: 1,
        const result = await ImagePicker.launchImageLibraryAsync(options);
        const imageData = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(result.uri));
        imageData.map (async (val) => {
            const file = new Moralis.File(val.fileName, val);
            const saveIpfsData = await file.saveIPFS();

.map need to return a value and it is not idea for what you are trying to do, you may want to use
.map when trying to render some thing to the browser and you want to loop

okay thank youโ€ฆ please can you help me out

try using a loop, but what you are doing doesnโ€™t exactly looks like it need a loop
you want to save a new file to ipfs and then set the image, you can do this in a function, must not use a loop or .map