Unexpected token

Hello all,

I’m creating a blockchain app with Vite + React + Moralis.

After several trials, i tought i had reached my final product:
β†’ No mistakes or errors when running npm run dev
β†’ No mistakes or errors when running npm run build and npm run preview
β†’ No mistakes or errors when uploading everything on Cloudflare 174af412.frontendv3-dtc.pages.dev/markets with npx wrangler pages publish dist

β†’ Nevertheless, when adding a custom domain libor.finance , white screen, impossible to load the website because of this error:

Screenshot from 2022-09-19 11-52-53

I have no ideas where it can come from. I appreciate all your suggestions in advance.

what is the error?
where did you add the custom domain?

I see a host timeout error now when trying that domain

For the host timeout error, i was doing some testing at the same time.
Could you now try again to access the website?


It’s the thing i dont’t understand: i only had this message.

I did everything on cloudflare

that looks like an error from the code, like some syntax error somewhere, you could try to narrow it down more

only using the console? (i’m a beginner in webdev)

I still have the mistake on brave browser, on Chromium/Chrome/Safari no error.

click more on that error, maybe it provides more context