Understanding moralis backend

Am I correct in saying that Moralis will create a User record on it’s own for every new ethereum account that authenticates with metamask ? Or what criteria does Moralis use to decide whether or not to create a new User record ? I see it is doing this automatically , and recognizing user that is already in the User table by metamask account / ethereum account ? I think .

Alsd there are a lot of transactions recording like maybe more than one per transfer call to the api? Maybe it’s one transaction for the approve and one for the send ? Not sure about that.

Last, if Moralis recognizes someone is already authenticated with metamask and ethereum account address, why does it say their already authenticated but makes them do another signature ? - Oh and about that ,is it true it doesn’t cost any eth for authenticating ? Maybe all those transactions I am seeing is just metamask sign ins on my part from testing .

Can you share some wisdom about this ?

it doesn’t cost eth to authenticate, the user is signing a message there and not a transaction

a new user entry will be created on authentication if that eth address was not already associated with a user

ok thx
that answers it pretty good