Understanding difference EthTransactions and EthTokenTransfers

Up until now I was thinking that it is clear to me what the difference between these two predefined classes are. But now I just wanted to query a hash against the EthTokenTransfers Class and didnt get any results. I did get a result tho when querying against the EthTransactions Class.


This is a tokentransfer to my understanding. Why its not synced inside EthTokenTransfers but inside EthTransactions?

Iโ€™ll have to check to see what it happens here

I tested now on my server and I found that transaction in EthTokenTransfers table

I only find it inside EthTransactions tho

When I query against the address of uniswap router (which is doing tokentransfers only) I only get results back against EthTransactions, none gets back when using EthTokenTransfers.

I used a filter directly in the dashboard interface for that transaction hash

how many rows you have in that table? I have 253k

13K in TokenTransfers and 16K in EthTransactions. Whats most confusing is why I have it in EthTransactions when that hash is a tokentransfer, and all the hashes I get back from the code of my screenshot are tokentransfers

try to search for the transaction hash, it looks like that to_address is not found for that transaction

But why my EthTransactions give back 500 tokentransfers?

I donโ€™t understand what you mean with my EthTransactions give back 500 tokentransfers

The address I have inside my equalTo query is the uniswap router contract which only does tokentransfers.

When I query this query against EthTokenTransfers I get 0 results. When I query this against EthTransactions I get 500 results back with 500 hashes of 500 token transfers.

that uniswap router contract address was involved in eth transactions, but it didnโ€™t transfer any tokens from its address to another address