Understand Moralis Sync and Watch contracts events

I would like to understand a bit better how the the “Sync and watch contract events” works.

  1. Sometimes the historical events are fetched. Other times only the events emitted after the Sync are fetched

  2. Is there a way to manually force the system to fetch all the historical events? For example, I deleted some records from the collection target of the sync and I want to have all events back (without having to add a new sync)

  3. I can spot two classes (automatically generated): “_EventSyncStatus” (with reference to all the 4 events I’m currently Syncing) and an “EventSync” (with only 3 of them, not the last one I added today)

Thank yoy for any clarification

For 2, there isn’t a way that you could do it, but it is possible for us to retrigger that sync.

For 3, we moved to one of the tables and that is why you don’t see an event in one table, because that table is no longer used now.

For 1, it deepens on what settings you set when you sync the event. Sometimes you have to wait 2-3 minutes to see historical data synced.

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, it has been more than 1h It sync the new events but not the historical ones.
I remember it happens with the previous Syncs as well,

I’m not sure what you did last time: in both cases, after your answer, the historical data synced correctly for a couple of hours. The next day, if I made a new event sync the very same problem arises

That’s why I would like to understand if there’s something I do wrong or something I can improve to avoid this problem. Is it related to the type of environment (i’m in testing with rinkeby) or plan (free plan)?

I’m going to need the server url where that problem happens. You can also try to update the server.

Ok then, if there’s nothing else I can do I’ll contact you when I need to.
Thank you