Unconfirmed events no longer sync on Mumbai (polygon testnet)

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Since yesterday evening unconfirmed transactions events are no longer syncing via the “Sync and Watch Contract Events” feature on servers. Transactions events only appear in the database a few minutes later when they have been confirmed.

I wonder why this behaviour has changed suddenly ? This of course breaking our business as we are only handling unconfirmed transactions as we need speed.

Glad to provide more details if needed.

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What is the server url, what is the chain?

This shouldn’t be the expected behavior

Server URL: https://5o8m7xjcginv.usemoralis.com:2053/server
Chain: Mumbai

We had some problems with Mumbai today in particular

What do you suggest then ? Wait and see ? This is a blocker for us to keep on moving developing new features and testing regressions on staging.

On the same topic, how can we be confident this won’t happen on mainnet servers ? Why those problems have came up ?

There were problems with mumbai nodes. You should take in consideration this possibility too, that sometimes some events will arrive as confirmed directly.

Why can they sometimes arrive confirmed directly? You always have a first step “mined” and a second step “+X transactions”, so that should be reliable, otherwise it means Moralis is not working as expected.

Or do you mean that in Polygon mainnet there are a lot more transactions per second so effectively the time Moralis would sync the event it would have been already confirmed ? (And on Mumbai this is more apparent because there are fewer transactions so it takes more time)

Most of the times it will be an unconfirmed event followed the an update to the event row that confirms it. But that is not happening all the times. If there are some delays somewhere then it can arrive directly as confirmed. Reorgs also can influence this behavior.

In your logic you should also handle the case where it arrives as confined directly. This shouldn’t happen most of the times but it can happen from time to time even on mainnet.

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Understood, thank you for your help.

Hey @cryptokid, the issue I reported a few days ago are still present on our testnet servers. Do you have any ETA when it will be fixed ? If this keeps going, we will have to look for alternatives to Moralis as we can’t afford to have the team not being able to use our dApps on testnet for a week.

from what I see in logs, this transaction that starts with 0x4a from table RequestedBallGachapon, that is the only transaction from yesterday, arrived as unconfirmed initially and it was confirmed later

Yes, since last Friday around 3PM UTC you apparently fixed something about the events and now they arrive first unconfirmed, and then confirmed. However, the unconfirmed and confirmed states arrive almost at the same time when the block is confirmed like 10 minutes later, so this is still not the real behaviour where we had unconfirmed events arriving a few seconds later as Polygon transactions take 2-3 seconds to me minted.

that that particular event from yesterday, it seems that it was created at the same time when it is the block timestamp, and updated ~10 minutes later

When I wrote my comment earlier, 20 minutes ago, I executed a transaction that did not appear in the database until 10-15 minutes. I just executed another that is still not appearing neither. There is definitely an issue on your side.

you are saying that it doesn’t appear as unconfirmed in 10-15 minutes or that it appears as confirmed in 10-15 minutes?

Sorry for the confusion @cryptokid, on our work to handle events that arrive directly confirmed we introduced a regression that was causing transactions to not be processed properly. I can now confirm events appear in the database as they used to before these issues (although they sometimes take more than they used to).

Thank you very much for your help and insights.

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