Unblock Customer Node

So we received the recent email from Moralis about stopping the nodes for free tier on the 11th of July

It says the nodes will keep on working for Pro subscribers until start of september and then they will completely stop the node service

This is important as our site is heavily dependent on the nodes for all functionality.

So we have done what is logical and started a new UI overhaul to make our site less dependent on nodes in the future this is going well.

In the meantime we are continuing to make our Pro Subscription payments and any overages used by our protocol (we call a lot of data)

A little over a day ago, our site (https://goldmint.finance) completely stopped working, no data, no prices, no holdings, nothing, when we looked into it, it appeared our node was “blocked”

So we went online and checked our payments, all extra data fees had been paid and our monthly pro subscription plan fee still came out yesterday as intended.

I reached back out to our development team and they said to share this

“tell them the node isn’t working at all and it returns “blocked user” as message”

“and send this link”


So my question is essentially how do i get this node not to be “blocked”?


It should work now.