Unable to view the EthNFTowners on Rinkeby Testnet

I’ve deployed an NFT minting contract on Rinekby using Moralis Speedy nodes.
NFT is mining successfully. but I can’t see the tables associated with NFTs.

Contract Address: 0xCE0aca64f22e4166DB3E4AD4263B155755748548
Transaction hash: 0x5fc49783f5e0f1f7d5e3c4cd9879a69bda53cb9394225df89ac7aaa9d760613f


it looks like it is a problem on Moralis side on indexing new NFTs.

I checked now with:

x = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenIdMetadata({address:“0xCE0aca64f22e4166DB3E4AD4263B155755748548”, token_id: “5”, chain: “rinkeby”})

You may get some data in the tables after some time