Unable to upload a file of size 200mb to IPFS

Having no issues using file.saveIPFS() with smaller files. But when trying to save a 200mb with the Moralis SDK, we timeout similiar to how it is described here:

Have tried to convert to Base64 with the same timeout issues in the SDK.
Have tried to use Base64 file with cloud functions and got the same result.

From my understanding I am using an upgraded server and the pro version of Moralis.
Uploading smaller files works fine. Is there anything different I should be doing for larger files?

ie. buffering, uploading in blobs, etc.

Thanks for your insight.

from the tests that I made in the past, that timeout is from the server, and an upgraded server could handle bigger file sizes before that timeout, you could also try to upload the file directly from cloud code: https://docs.moralis.io/moralis-server/cloud-code/cloud-functions#ipfs

it may work better with bigger file sizes

have attempted to do so from cloud code using base64 file, also timed out.

with 100MB it works fine?

so far through testing, 84mb and above have failed.

Hi all, I have been waiting to ask in here before finishing my all tests with every possibility I must try in my code and cloud codes, but unfortunately the same error still persists.

Instead of the dApp which is on react, I’m giving a dashboard as an admin panel, and it is vanilla-script-based webpage that has an uploading file form for the staff only. Moralis SDK is being imported as its latest version from CDN, always.

If I use <input type="file" /> object and upload more than 80MB video file to ipfs gives 413 XHR Access-Control-Allow-Origin blocked error, or using Moralis.Cloud.toIPFS() in cloud functions which gets on outsourced URL returns undefined. There is no IP detected from my test webpage has tried to fetch the file from the server I gave url of. Seems like cloud function won’t fetch or gets blocked in somewhere… ?

Please excuse my ignorant about browser and CORS policy knowledge, if I’m making a mistake in somewhere, otherwise If there is any fixing event which might be temporary occurring at the moment at your side, or a policy item about the file size limit for development phase, would like to know, I can take a break on this and keep working on UI… A little urgency follows us in here.

from my previous tests, it doesn’t work to upload 100MB with a free server, it works with an upgraded server, I don’t know the exact reason now

it looks like the server restarts when you try to upload 100MB

Thank you very much for quick answer :+1:, I’m preparing on an upgrade plan…