Unable to stop events from watched address

Hey there,
I just were testing Sync and Watch address functionality. And In both cases where I create the Sync and Watch (through Sync plugin or programmatically via function) it seems you are not able to STOP getting those events after removing plugin nor removing from WatchedBscAddress. I have 0 addresses in WatchedBscAddress and no sync plugin and Im still getting flodded with the transactions to those addresses that I previously synced…

This is a huge concern for getting database to constantly grow and using the network bandwidth where I clearly would like to stop those. Its seems a BUG to me.

try to add to watch the address again from the interface and then remove it from the interface

Yeah this seem to work. Although this is very cumbersome solution.

Is this bug on roadmap to be resolved?

This is the only way that I know now to work, in the past this was not working, like few weeks ago

Yeah at least. I remember only deleting server worked before :smiley:

Man this is a tom and jerry play to try Unwatch the Sync and watched address. Once you remove once from the plugin the address you watched and if you have few or plenty of them then it’s a nightmare to find out the address that was watched. And It seems like the “uppercase” “lowercase” of the address matters too… damnn

I keep seeing this one

 - Error: Invalid function: "unwatchEthAddress"
    at handleCloudFunction (/moralis-server/lib/Routers/FunctionsRouter.js:119:13)
    at /moralis-server/lib/PromiseRouter.js:85:20
    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)

Also I see

Removed Watched Address : -> {"address":"0x9cbfb60a09a9a33a10312da0f39977cbdb7fde23","createdAt":"2021-12-23T17:24:10.587Z","updatedAt":"2021-12-23T17:24:10.587Z","objectId":"9tS35SUbcrnlPrr5SMSs1NKx"}

But it still watches the events ?

what do you mean by:

Dunno if this really works but in the Sync And Watch Address plugin if you put address in LowerCase it is more consistent in “working” and “deleting”.