Unable to sort data with any params in searchNFTs and getNFts

I want to sort data based on certain parameters for two endpoints : searchNFTs and getNFts

@support team please let me to know how can i get this filter or sorting things with above endpoints ?


for searchNFTs you could try to use to_block and from_block if it helps, we donโ€™t have a sorting option

for getNFTs all you could do would be to restrict it to specific nft contract addresses, it doesnโ€™t have a sorting option

I want such sorting options and we are expecting to build similar services like OpenSea Platform.

Let us know if this can be achieved through moralis SDK or not.

Let us know your feedback to we can decide to go with this service (enterprise plan) or not.


You can sort the data after you get it. Currently we donโ€™t have that sorting parameter.

So far i know about NFTrade and they are using moralis SDK for marketplace.

I want to know any technical guide to know if moralis is providing such kind of way for filtering this shown options that i have attached in below images.

Let me know in any ways such filters and sorting options. We are ready to buy enterprise plans and pay any cost to get this similar plans as we are looking for multi cross chain marketplace features.

My assumption now is that recently listed/minted/sold items are based on what happened on that website, and they have an internal database where they keep the list of items/nfts that were listed/minted/sold