Unable to see EthTransactions class on dashboard

I created a server in Ganache, linked it to Moralis already, server is connected. In the Moralis dashboard I do not see the EthTransactions class. Even when I make a transaction with MetaMask it does not show up. Tried resetting local chain didn’t work

That table was removed in the nitro migration I believe

so if i wish to get transaction history how should i do it? Becsause the tutorial videos that i found need the EthTransaction class

First, you have to make a transaction for that table to appear there. You also have to be connected to the local ganache instance with the proxy so that the transaction makes it to the server.

I have already did that but doesn’t show up still, both local ganache instance with proxy and made a transaction

Try to reset the dev chain, same place where you see the info for the proxy in server settings