Unable to Run Dapp

Dear Communities,

I’m able to use atom editor with line-server extension but when I run it, the web page displays only the Title without my Login in Moraili.io - even though I have logged in. Kindly refer to the screenshot attached.

Do you think that is because I need to install Plugin and or code Cloud Functions in my Moralio.io (Dashboard)? I need some guidelines. Where can I refer to it?

I see you have login and logout buttons there, you can check in console to see if you have more massages there of what is going on.

where to check the consoles? I did inform that I’ve logged in already.

Also, I’m using this script to Run. But it seems that it needs me to provide a Project (from Atom Editor)?

I mean after you run this locally in a browser, the browser has a javascript console where you can see some information of what is going on there.

If the browser you’re referring to is Safari, this is where the program “naturally” prompts up there. Fyi, I did enable javascript in the browser but you mentioned “javascript console”? I don’t see any of it. However, here is the snapshot from the “Inspect Element”. I’m using Mac BookPro. What’s your advice?

You have Elements highlighted in this image, in the right of elements there is Console, you have to click on chat Console to get to the javascript console.