Unable to retrieve Metadata for Axie Infinity

I am trying to retrieve metadata for Axie Infinity by using the contract address:


I am using this token metadata endpoint:


When I use the token metadata endpoint I see this error message:

"message": "No metadata found! Try again later"

Axie Infinity is one of the biggest projects and I am surprised there is no metadata. Can someone please advise on this?

what is the metadata that you would expect to get for a contract? did you try to get the metadata for a token_id?

When it works, which it seems for almost every minting smart contract I’ve tried, it shows:

  • Token name
  • Token address
  • Symbol
  • ABI
  • Contract Type
  • Synced at

Is this by any chance NFT from the Ronin chain? Because as I know Axie lives in Ronin


AXIE is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that is not fully compliant with the ERC 721 standard. This is because it was deployed before the standard had become finalized.

maybe that is why we don’t have metadata for it

Yes Axie is not on Ethereum/Polygon/BSC/Avax or any other network we currently support

they are on their own network called Ronin

Currently we dont have Ronin support - we would love to but they are closed network and it’s not possible to index as other chains - we are waiting for them to open up

If you are part of their community - maybe you can tell them to open up faster :slight_smile:

Hey Ivan!

You mentioned that the Ronin network is closed. I saw that Covalent is able to get / deliver the Ronin token data via their API. https://www.covalenthq.com/docs/networks/ronin/#quick-facts

Does this mean that Moralis will also be able to support Ronin now?

Hi Ronin is currently centralized chain without indexing access therefore it’s not supported sadly without permission from the devs

We are looking for ways to add it - it would be great

Hey yeah Moralis doesn’t support Ronin natively at the moment as Ivan mentioned, but since we have Covalent plugin and seems there’s no restriction on the chain, I think you’ll be able to fetch some Ronin data through our covalent plugin :raised_hands: