Unable to list Item on Rarible clone

When I press “Create” button. I am getting a Metamask wallet prompt and the transaction was also successfully done but in MY item I am not being able to see the created post. can any one please help me out?

thank you in advance

maybe you could debug it, to see where from the application gets the list of items, if the item was saved or if it appears where it should be in order to display it

I am getting this error transactionErrorNoContract after successful transaction. Can you tell me what’s the problem

It sounds like the the right network in MetaMask was not selected or the right contract address is not used in the code.

Thank you @cryptokid,

but I deployed contract on eth testnet by remix and Metamask transaction is done on Kovan testnet and moralis server is also configured on Kovan testent and also I verified the contract address is okay.

I also checked in the dashboard that when I create the item it will display in the items table but when I press my items I did not able to see any items. Kindly help me to find out what wrong I did?

If the items are in the database than maybe it is something related to the interface. You can look at the code that gets the data from the database and at the code that displays it in the interface to see if everything works ok there.