Unable to create new item, i am facing problem in line 161 and line 180

I am struggling with creating new items on the NFT marketplace. i am following (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFPZ8ai7J-iR6DMqBfZwJGc0vaNZPbJDv) this tutorial video for the NFT marketplace development. I have checked my abi.js file after deploying a new smart contract for the token and marketplace. but still, I am unable to create a new file on the page using IPFS please help me out with this.
kind regard

what is the error that you get?

error token not defined

token not defined

it looks like you have to define it, similar how you have there marketplaceContract

i’ve tried doing that but this problem is not going away

then you can try to use Moralis.executeFunction: