Unable to authenticate new users

Unable to authenticate new users. Currently capped at 330 users on the production server. (paid pro account + production server)

Do you get any errors?

Login with Metamask for example no longer works for a NEW USER. The is maxed out at 330 users for some reason and will not add more users to the server.

it shouldn’t be that limit there, what happens? can you also share the server url?

I would but isn’t that a security concern sharing server details publically?
It’s the account attached to my email, you can look it up that way and cannot currently login to moralis anyway to obtain it.

I only saw few errors in server logs with failed authentications because it took too long.

can you check the network tab to see what it happens when it writes Wait… there?

Don’t do free QA, happy to bill you for it if you would like.
Here’s what the server is outputting. Number of users is for some reason capped at 330.

there isn’t a cap on 330 users
there has to be a different problem somewhere

2022-04-20T20:24:39.178Z - Can not find subscription with clientId 05d6f5b5-83c8-4431-a0c5-51908d2cb8ef subscriptionId 1

2022-04-20T13:37:22.028Z - Can not find subscription with clientId 421bd514-d2cf-44f5-8733-1023ecc7ff31 subscriptionId 1

This is error log when trying to auth a NEW user. Existing user can still login normally.

I tried to authenticate to your server and I was able to authenticated without any problems. Now there are 331 users.

You were able to do this by connecting your wallet via metamask on our website?
I am still unable to authenticate a new wallet address.

No, I used a simple page for authentication with MetaMask where I used your server url and app id.

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can you also look on what data was sent to that url when it received that 404 error?
that information is also in the browser network tab.