Unable to add "Sync and Watch Contract Events" plugin

Hi, I am unable to add the “Sync and Watch Contract Events” plugin to my server. Every time I add it, I see it for a brief moment on my installed plugins list and then I go to dashboard to check if it created the new events table but no table is created and then when I go back to my server to check the plugins it is gone from the installed plugins. I tried reinstalling 3-4 times but every time it disappears after I create it. Please help me out here.
Server URL: https://dojc1tzid840.moralis.io:2053/server
Server Name: spect.network-test1

Thanks for reporting - which server version do you run?

server version: 0.0.227

Hey @ivan, any updates. Still facing this issue.

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Hey @nakulparmar, hope you are well.

Would be great if you could share us any screenshot about your plugin window, just to check if there is something missing.

Also would you please share the plugin code that you are trying to add?

Is only happening with 1 plugin snippet or with all of them? also is just happening in 1 server or each that you create?

Maybe this guide can help you review some common issues:

Carlos Z