Ultimate Nft tutorial help

Hey im having problems with viewing my files from the moralis server Ive including my git link and ther is an issue which goes into more detail. This is my first time using moralis and im sure its a simple fix that wont take up much time. Thanx

Hi @63MoneyT
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You don’t have any code in the repository. Are you sure you sent the correct one?

It shouldn’t be, I just pushed to the repo again. This time I put the images in the html file to ensure that they are on the server. in the json file the images are pointing to my google drive and im pretty sure that thats not the proper way to host them. You you would have had to connect to your own server anyway wouldnt you? I image that a test server dosnt allow everyone to connect to it like a live one would

I don’t understand what exactly is the problem? :sweat_smile:

im trying to upload that as an nft on the robsten testnet. My problem is that after i spin up the server i can access the sight but the .json file wont pull up from the adrress on the server

So if you were to try and go to https://vgyy4b11hszk.bigmoralis.com/tulsOutline (or [whatever_your_server_address_is]/tulsaOutline you would get the 404 error.

will it only work on a live server? Im using the robsten testnet

ess on the server

Not sure which one of these would help you:

Thanks ill check them out