Typos + fix for guide "How to Interact with Smart Contracts Through Your Website"

hi folks, feel free to delete my post after addressing it.

i was using this guide:

but the copy/paste let options = code block is wrong, and does not match your video embedded below it.

changes to make:

  • make Params and Note lowercase, otherwise moralis throws “missing note” (because it can’t parse the ABI’s note parameter)
  • remove the await Moralis.User.logOut(); callback
  • replace logOut() with Moralis.executeFunction(options) and (optionally) make logout a callback of that*

basically i had to watch the video to figure out how to invoke my options object. i also couldn’t find this executeFunction() feature in the general API docs, only Moralis.Cloud.execute() which is not relevant to this SDK.


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Moralis.executeFunction is present in documentation

where did you find Moralis.Cloud.execute()?