Tutorial video : Built NFT Game in 12 Hours

Hello. I have a question for Built NFT Game in 12 Hours, so I don’t have to type everything manually, because I’m lazy, I couldn’t find the source code for Tuorial on your Github site.

Is this tutorial already so obsolate that there is no code up there?
Is it not even worth studying all the way through anymore?

Thx a lot for any answors !!!

it is worth studying it, I wrote the code when I did that tutorial

Thank you very much for your reply, what I have seen so far in the videos is very helpful.

So you mean that the code is not on Github on purpose, so that we are forced to learn it ? :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

I don’t think that it is on purpose missing from GitHub, I think that it was not added after the tutorial was made, I think that you can find the code in this forum if you search it.

cool! Bye. Topic is closed.
Thank you very much.