Trying to identify a unique metamask id for one person

Im looking at data from my authentication and while the code works, I don’t know what these variables come from but got logged on the moralis server. ( and btw, how long does it take moralis server to update a new authentication? for it to show up ?)
in class _EthAddress:

notice it assigns two userIds coming from same machine, same metamask user, but switched the account on the second one. So I’m trying to get a person to only be able to be one user by their metamask account. What is ACL and What is UserPointer ? Are they coming from metamask or moralis? I was wondering if the UserPointer is from metamask , and does it change with each users eth addresses ? I am trying to prevent a user from using one metamask with a lot of eth addresses from joining multiple times, but I fear there is no way to do this .

you have two accounts in that print screen, with two different eth addresses. The user pointer is only an internal pointer in Moralis db that points to the user from User table. You can assign more addresses to the same account using link, but if you only authenticate with different addresses will result in generating different accounts for every address that authenticated.