Trying to get input data form the EthTokenTransfer table

No input data is saved to this table and it seems like the only place I can get it from would be the transfer table. Is there a way I can connect the two? Or is there a commonality share by them that I can search for?? I know I can search the transaction hash from the token transfer table and on etherscan and get the input data that I am looking for but for some reason moralis does not include this… What can I do?

Don’t write in that table, it’s system table and shouldn’t be touch by developers - you only read from it

Hey Ivan!

I haven’t written anything in there. I’m just trying to get the input data from the transaction. I’m populating a table with transaction history from a certain token, so it is much easier for me to use the tokentransfers table. But I also want to show the transaction method on the table. For that I need the input data. But the input data is only shown in the transfers table.

If I check my token transfer has on etherscan I can get the input data that shows the contract’s transaction method. I am trying to do that here.

You can take the tx id and ask all tx data via web3

You can use Speedy node URL to initialize web3 in Cloud function or frontend

Transactions table only have data about the transfer

If you need more data about the tx- use web3


Will do! Thanks Ivan!