Trying to clone PuzzleWeave with Moralis

Hey everyone!!

New to java and all things coding - trying to self teach. I am struggling with this and am hoping someone can assist.

I am cloning Puzzle Weave. The original is set to the AR weave network and I am looking to open it to the BSC network and save wallets to Moralis that can be downloaded upon entering the correct decryption key.

Can someone just look at the git of the puzzle weave, and let me know if it is possible. Or provide advice on it.

I am so new to developing, and I came up with a concept that this will take to the next level. Want to load puzzles to the blockchain that have wallets attached that are retrievable when a user solves the puzzle. If my ask for a review/advice is too basic - is there a way to possible link up with someone Idk if I can say on here that Iā€™d be willing to pay for the assist on this project. My apologies if this post is not common etiquette here.

If you want to hire someone you can also join discord and post in a channel specific to job offers.

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Thank you! I appreciate the direction!! Will head on over.