TrustWallet: WalletConnect : an Unknown Error has Occured

This used to work,

    const u = await authenticate({
      provider: 'walletconnect',
      chainId: 56,

But it no longer does.

Im using Trustwallet 6.2 (602) on IOS

Any ideas/thoughts would be appreciated.

what did change since it used to work?

Hi, Nothing changed since it used to work. Trustwallet for android is working

Please did you find a solution to this issue? I’m currently experiencing it.

Did it work before? Which wallet, OS, and chain are you using?

Yes it worked before. I’m using Trustwallet, if you meant phone OS, it’s 14.4.2. Chain : “bsc”.

Does it happen with another chain? This seems to be a common issue with WalletConnect + Trust Wallet. Update your Trust Wallet app if you haven’t.

I have not tried it with another chain because my project is using bsc. The chain is pre-defined in my authenticate() function. My Trustwallet is up to date. I’ve seen several threads about same issue. Sadly I have not seen a working solution.