Trust Wallet Not Scanning Wallet Connect QR Code!

I’m trying to connect Trust Wallet using the wallet connect in Moralis. The QR Code appears and when I scan it through trust wallet nothing happens. Here is my code:

Moralis.authenticate({provider: 'walletconnect'}).then(async (user: any) => {
      console.log(await user.get('ethAddress'));

did you use a website that was deployed and has https?

Yes I have deployed the dapp and it has https but this is not working even on localhost…

on localhost I don’t expect it to work

So it should work fine when deployed and has https (SSL configured)?

in theory it should work, can you try on phone without scanning the QR code?

Is there a session created in the db ?

Can you pls explain a bit what do you mean by that?

When a user logs in, in the db under the session a new instance should be created

Hey I tried on phone and it worked fine. Trust wallet was connected successfully. But I don’t know somehow it doesn’t work when I try to connect by scanning the QR code on desktop.

Still waiting for the answer

If you have deployed it please share the link @iqrar

Click on Connect Wallet and then select Trust Wallet on desktop. QR code will appear but Trust wallet is not able to scan it. It works perfectly on mobile. On mobile when we click on trust wallet a “Connect” button is displayed when we click on the connect button it opens trust wallet app for sign and then wallet connect but not on desktop.

It worked for me from 3d time. We need to check.

pls do and let me know. thanks for the quick reply…

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Hey @iqrar

I wasn’t able to reproduce the error. Could you check how it works in case you use another wallet?