Transfer supporting multiple receivers

Based on the example below, it seems like it supports only one receiver. What is the recommended way to split and send the crypto to two different receivers in the same transaction, say 0.3 ETH to receiver 1 and 0.2 ETH to receiver 2? Appreciate your help!

// sending 0.5 ETH
const options = {type: โ€œnativeโ€, amount: Moralis.Units.ETH(โ€œ0.5โ€), receiver: โ€œ0xโ€ฆโ€}
let result = await Moralis.transfer(options)

To do that you need smart contract to handle the multi transfer :raised_hands: EOA unfortunately canโ€™t handle that without making multiple transactions

Thanks for the quick response. I really appreciate it if you can guide me to any relevant documentation/tutorial/examples related to this scenario.

Hey @sanjukris, itโ€™s not too difficult, just code some solidity, you can do it in Remix to test it out and try this code