Transfer Node.js Application onto Moralis Serverless app

Hi guys,
I have a Node.js app for bot trading on DEX. I run it for my own use on CLI on my PC. Now I want to make a web app for people to use it. On Moralis platform of course.
Could you suggest me a work-flow and tools that I will need?

I magine I will need CSS or React(?) to make front end?
Then Which part of my Js code should be moved to Could server? which part will sit on html?

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Hey @tungtien, hope you are ok.

HTML, css, js OR react or svelte, its on you which would be the best.

Thats also something that you should develop, we dont know your code, so you might have to analyze which code must be moved and which is not.

The Rarible Clone videos are one of the best approach to learn moralis basics, you might find it interesting to learn how to create the front end:

Carlos Z