Transfer NFT ERC-1155 to secondary wallet error

Hi! Any help would be appreciated, i’m a beginner so please bare with me. There may be something simple I’m missing.

As per the title, i’m looking to transfer an NFT from one wallet to another. I have been following the guide in the Moralis docs and managed to overcome a few hurdles already through reading other threads.

I’m currently at the point where I am able to connect my wallet by i’m getting the below error on the console.

Any help would be super appreciated! Thanks in advance.

And the error:

moralis.js:42159 Uncaught (in promise) Error: invalid BigNumber string (argument=“value”, value=“4.418365263807345e+76”, code=INVALID_ARGUMENT, version=bignumber/5.5.0)
at Logger.makeError (moralis.js:42159:21)
at Logger.throwError (moralis.js:42168:20)
at Logger.throwArgumentError (moralis.js:42171:21)
at Function.BigNumber.from (moralis.js:34717:27)
at NumberCoder.encode (moralis.js:31840:39)
at moralis.js:31460:19
at Array.forEach ()
at pack (moralis.js:31446:12)
at TupleCoder.encode (moralis.js:31979:33)
at AbiCoder.encode (moralis.js:31111:15)
Logger.makeError @ moralis.js:42159
Logger.throwError @ moralis.js:42168
Logger.throwArgumentError @ moralis.js:42171
BigNumber.from @ moralis.js:34717
NumberCoder.encode @ moralis.js:31840
(anonymous) @ moralis.js:31460
pack @ moralis.js:31446
TupleCoder.encode @ moralis.js:31979
AbiCoder.encode @ moralis.js:31111
Interface._encodeParams @ moralis.js:33208
Interface.encodeFunctionData @ moralis.js:33250
(anonymous) @ moralis.js:39358
step @ moralis.js:39206
(anonymous) @ moralis.js:39187
fulfilled @ moralis.js:39178
await in fulfilled (async)
onclick @ index.html:14

Try to add “ for that token id so that it is a string

Thanks a lot, sorted right away. Your other comments on similar articles helped get me to this point. Appreciate the time and effort!