Transactions .csv file download

Is it possible somehow download the .csv files from bscscsan without opening the website?
Or is there a function in Moralis that could create an exactly same .csv file for me? (or save it in DB)

For example this:

you may not be able to get internal transactions list with moralis now. maybe bscscan has some API that can be used instead of the interface

Youโ€™ll need to look at some sort of page scripting or something like Puppeteer to do this programmatically in code. Iโ€™m not finding anything available for this in their API.

Yes, i have checked them too, but they donโ€™t have :frowning: Glad couid you please send me a link how to do it a most simple way? Iโ€™m not that good at programming, but i really need a solution for this. :slight_smile: