Transaction not recorded in database for Watch Address plugin

I have setup Sync And Watch Address for this address
And I observed some of the transaction not being picked up by the plugin. They were not recorded in the database and I don’t know why this happens.

Transactions NOT PICKED UP (not recorded)

TRANSACTIONS PICKED UP ( recorded in db and that happened before or after the ones that have not been saved)

can you also share the server subdomain where this happens?


I see this in logs: error: beforeSave failed for BscTokenTransfers for user undefined:

do you have some beforeSave hook?

Yes I do. Thats because I want to discard not Confirmed transactions and the duplicate update. But Im talking about transactions that doesnt even show in the logs like they not happened but obviously I see them in the address ballances in bsc scan and in poocoin

here another example.
Transaction happened. I see it on bsc scan. I see it on the transfers for the address but it was not even recorded in the moralis plugin like never happened.

it is strange that I don’t see that address in WatchedBscAddress

Coz Im listetning for the Liquidity Pool address not the contract address


ok, that one I can see it

could you use an event sync instead of a watch address?

watch address should work too, but I don’t know now how to investigate what happened, and there are a lot of logs on that server

Ahh dunno I was usign previously sync event but its a lot of more setup instead of watch address. I would need to make a test server for that how to would work

Also Throwing error in the beforesave hook in order to not save to database is really bad design. It pollutes logs like crazy as you can see in this example. I would love some better solution for hooks to cancel saving into the database