TradinView chart || BSC/ETH

Hello guys!

I’m searching for some sample TradingView code (good looking, not TA) to embed on website for BSC network (ETH also ok).

Thank you in advance!

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@BMCC the have lodes of stuff in their docs you will find something there. heres one example of such a codebox. they deff are the right way to go for charting there graphs are reallly pretty and have scrilling etc plus the TA if you want but as you mentioend

heres another really nice sandbox for the charts with the drop down neon type shadows like the ones you see on unswap if you prefer that style
just swap out the name of the pair, stock crypot etc… that you want data on

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Thanks. Problem with that that it does not work with BSC/ETH tokens and second one that the chart is TA, need one for website to represent in a simple way, like example with a line and price.

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id just recomment using their docs everything is there. byt here here is a video on getting started its simple enough from ther looks. to plot with different pairs you need to fetch different data from tarding view this info is all in their docs they hace specific links that alls you need t do is swap out the pair names and boom you get data for it. this one here is candle stick but its basic if you want line just change the type. hope yoy find this vid useful its vanilla js but if your using react i wouldnt imagine it would be too difficult to convert

Thanks a lot for that video. In this example he used binance API link to fetch the json data (
But most tokens are on BSC or ETH networks.

My last question is how to get similar data for chart on BSC/ETH network using Moralis?