Topics not appearing in new sync and watch UI for custom event

Since the change to the new UI for the admin tools, after pasting ABI (I’ve tried just the event I need, as well as the entire ABI), the little dropdown for which topic you want to listen to shows ‘no data’. We had sync and watch working properly when added from the legacy UI so I am wondering if this is a UI bug rather than misconfiguration/user error.

My questions are

  1. has there been some breaking change in how you add custom event ABIs or similar that I’ve missed?

  2. how can I go back to the legacy UI now that the prompt has been removed - the system where you just typed the event signature with no spaces between the types was working for us

I’ve attached a screenshot for clarity


in right top, on your user info, click on it and you will se the url to the legacy interface, if not, it is

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