Token uri returns "Invalid uri" for when token uri contains the metadata encoded

I was using getNFTs from Web3Api to get token_uri and it was working fine. But from yesterday, token_uri for every nft is showing as “Invalid uri”. Can you please address this issue.

replied on discord

What is the expected token uri?

base64 encode token uri

Ok, this is the expected behavior, we automatically sync metadata now for this type of uri and we set invalid uri for the uri
This is a recent change

I need base64 encoded uri
Is there any way I can get it

How were you using it? You can still get it if you query them contract for token uri. The metadata from that uri is present.

Yes I can get it by calling contract but getNFTs used to work much faster

How are you using that token uri?

Hey the issue is sorted now
I’m calling tokenURI function from contract to get uri
Thanks for the help

you need that uri in particular in that format? you could get the final metadata directly from API response

Yes I need it in encoded format
Which function should I call

I mean that the metadata key has already the contents decoded for that token uri