Token names from getAllERC20

If we sign in using ropsten or ethereum mainnet and call getAllERC20 it works fine and gives us the token details including names and id’s… however if we sign in using Binance Chain or Binance Testnet the names and id’s are all nulls.

We also noted at the backend there is ETHTokenBalance tables, but no corresponding BSCTokenBalance tables.

Server version is .223 and npm version is 0.25

Hi Simon,

Yes, it appears the token metadata lists for Polygon and BSC are not loaded yet. We’ll need to fix this.

FYI it shouldn’t matter what chain the user is logged in with when you call the getAllERC20() function it only looks at the chain property passed in the options. If no chain is specified it defaults to ETH.

The BscTokenBalances or Matic tables will only be created if there is data to put in them from one of the user addresses. You also need to explicitly enable those chains in the “EVM Configuration” tab on your Moralis server instance.