Token are under EthBalancePending and EthNFTOwnersPending status

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I am new on Moralis and learning through YouTube channel. I tried to follow the steps the YouTuber did but I found that when I mint the tokens, all of them are under EthBalancePending and EthNFTOwnersPending, may I know how I can covert the pending status to normal status?


If you are using local dev chain you have to mine new blocks.
On a test-net or mainnet where blocks are mined automatically the “pending” entries will be confirmed automatically after a few blocks.

Hi Ivan

Thanks for your prompt response and I apologized for duplicating the thread.

Since I am new on Blockchain development, would you please give me some hints / guideline on how to mine the new blocks via Moralis? Is there any tutorial?

Thanks for your help in advance. Have a nice weekend


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Hi @wong0630,

Please check out the tutorials for setting up truffle and ganache on the local chain and how to use moralis with it. All the videos are available over here on YouTube -

You can start with the basic videos for truffle listed over here -

Hope this helps.

Please utilise these free tutorials for becoming an expert in Dapp development!

Have a nice day. :slight_smile: