Time for Automatic Synchronization of Contract and Address Transactions

The average time for a transaction to change from confirmed=false to confirmed=true is taking an average of 10 minutes.

Is it possible to speed up this verification job?

Network: Polygon Mumbai

you can not change that, we wait a number of blocks until the transaction is considered as confirmed
it should be a smaller time on mainnet

Thanks Cryptokid for the information.

Can you help me by explaining the difference between waiting for the automatic synchronization system to point out that confirmed = true and using the Moralis.Web3API.native.getTransaction method and checking if receipt_status == 1 ?

It could mean this:



Using Receipt Status
Since the Byzantium fork, Ethereum provides with a way to know if a transaction succeeded by checking its receipt status. A receipt status can have a value of 0 or 1 which translate into:

0 transaction has failed (for whatever reason)
1 transaction was succesful.

What is the difference between the two ways?

a transaction can fail for example if it doesn’t have enough gas, and in that case the transaction is included on chain, even if it failed on execution time.

If the transaction fails, the automatic system will keep the value of the field confirmed = false and the method Moralis.Web3API.native.getTransaction will return receipt_status = 0, Correct?

Sorry but I didn’t understand the difference.

yes, they are different things, one if the transaction has an error on execution (but it was included on chain) and one (confirmed) if the transaction was included on chain or not

Understood. The Moralis.Web3API.native.getTransaction method
does not return if the transaction was confirmed true.
Is there a way to get this information through this method?

getTransaction returns receipt_status, "1" is meant to represent that the transaction was successful as mentioned above.

As I understand it, even after receipt_status = 1, on the Polygon network there is a probability of an error occurring in up to 100 confirmation blocks and changing receipt_status = 0. After that, no more, that is. It’s confirmed and there’s no going back.

I suppose in that case you could check for an event on the contract you’re interacting with as a backup that the transaction was finalized.

How can I get the block confirmation number?

you could know in what block is the transaction that you are interested in, and also what is the last block for that chain, and that difference in block numbers is the confirmation number

Thanks for help Cryptokid and Glad!