There is no any response for requests when I using speedy nodes websocket connection


I’m using web3j (not JS) and connect with websocket connection to moralis speedy nodes. Sometimes I have an empty connection which means there is no response for any requests. It doesn’t matter what kind of request it is, it can be a simple getEthBlockNumber. It seems that the issue is coming only on BSC, I don’t have any issue with Polygon or ETH. If I start 2 connections for BSC chain, one of them is running without any error, the second one can be wrong at the same time. If I close the connection and reconnect, then it works again. Can anybody help me?

if it works after you reconnect, you can use that approach to reconnect

I did 5 tests in python now with websocket on bsc mainnet to get latest block number and it worked without problems

The issue is coming randomly, not now. I had this today a couple of hour ago, but have had on weekend too. When the connection drain then my app reconnect and works fine, but sometimes it takes hours to reconnect automatically.

can you use a timeout when it takes hours? or you say that it takes hours by trying to reconnect multiple times?

I have a timout (1 min) but my code can catch the response after timeout too. But I don’t have any response in time nor after timeout. So this is really strange. Now I’m checking the timeout and if it is a getEthBlockNumber request then reconnect the connection. But I think it is really hacky so If it is possible I would like to solve the root cause.