The suggested frpc zips, had Trojans in em, that's what my Bitdefender and Brave says

I downloaded the suggested files from github, to link the proxy server for ganache. and Bitdefender and Brave Browser detected threats. When I look in the quarantine file, it has names like Trojan.GenericKD.46, ATC4.Detection, JS:Adware.Lnkr.E, JS:Adware.Lnkr. so, has nobody else seen this, I mean, like that aint good man. The link was from the Moralis website. just tryin to build some stuff, and play with all the features, but this why we’re testing it in Beta, to fix these things, right.


We use FRP as a proxy service its a open source and you can check it here:

They have an open issue right now that it was flagged as virus you can check here:

Try using version 0.34 as a lot of people is able to work with this version

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I ran into this as well - Norton keeps deleting the exe. @gerardo15 I will try your suggestion


Just a heads up - I kept getting the Trogan warning from frpc.exe in the package. Changing versions did not help. So I downloaded the source and used Cygwin to build from source. The generated frpc.exe did not register as a trojan.



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Hello, wowzer.

I would like to recommend the @admins consider to do some things like setup to auto create AppImage or Docker type files. as this gives an interesting layer of precompiled confirmed code that cant really be compromised easily
is that similar to a SNAP solution for linux?
I really like the AppImage and Docker Models. for code security.

ok maybe for frp in particular that should be up to frp maintainers to implement but perhaps it is worth making an AppImage version of the one Moralis needs to use to ensure only moralis approved version can actually be used.

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