The request /nft/{address} on eth chain is not up-to-date

Hi, the answer of /nft/{address} on eth chain is not up-to-date. total tokens is correct, but in the result we have less items.

the result is reachable at /nft/{address}/{token_id} but not in the full list.

Hi, I need more info. Can you paste the token address?

of course:

call /nft/0xeA377CfD0ceab570569D8d37A910071d9e9EB1D4
returns total of 1068, but the real total is 1074 (at the moment)

let me know, thank you!

it could be a problem, we are working on fixing a similar issue.

is there an easy way to identify what token ids would be missing from what moralis returns?

Yes, for example id 5991, 6701, 9668. and total tokens is still 1074.
thank you

Is it fixed?. I’m having the same problem.

with what contract/token id you have problems?

The address is 0xeaa98d289FAa6809610cB7F6d1b101FDFcF5c333 on Mumbai, the data return 3 NFT while according to polygonscan, it should be 5
What can i do to fix this, let me know

Hi, just to let you know, now the total is one token less then before. Before was 1068, now your endpoint returns 1067. Could you please let me know how much time do you need to fix this?
thank you.

I don’t know the exact time, we are investigating

it seems like the api is up to date with the tokens that went out from the address, but the tokens that went in is not updated.

(edited) . Hey, it is working great now, thanks a lot

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It works also for me. Did you find the problem?

Nice to hear that it works. The team worked on fixing it, I don’t know the details.

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