The "Input Data:" on ethereum transaction, how to build it manually?

Sorry if this topic is out of context, but I hope I can find the answer here.
i need to pass parameter value of smart contract manually for flashbots transaction.

example transaction
claim contract : 0xb58a659Eee982Fe4E6Ce0c2C37EBD0F7E8224D7E
Method ID: 0x304c2c03 ( claim )
i see comment on parameter bytes32 r, bytes32 s : β€œHalf of the ECDSA signature pair.” . what is mean?

how to get value of bytes32[] proof, bytes32 r, bytes32 s ?
thank you very much for answering.

Hi @kang3s

Web3.js or ether.js packages should be able to convert your data to byte32. Please check if this post helps.