The ABI should contain an array of inputs

i take here. I don’t quite understand where you said to get it, can you send me a link?

LockAdded (index_topic_1 uint256 id, address token, address owner, uint256 amount, uint256 unlockDate) I tried this too but it doesn’t pull data either

the topic should not have the name of the variable, only the type, and also no spaces

still same

is there a space there?

this is the right topic:


but you could also copy directly from bscscan page that 0x694af1cc8727cdd0afbdd53d9b87b69248bd490224e9dd090e788546506e076f

LockAdded(uint256,address,address,uint256,uint256) i deleted it still same

now you have other problems maybe

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The server worked fine for a while, but now it’s not receiving the new transfer. Is there a limit on servers? no limit warningsc @cryptokid

it depends on how many transfer/transactions are, there isn’t a limit, but if there are 200-300k transactions, a free server may start to have problems

14k but it doesn’t work

try this: Moralis Nitro Beta Testing

it should work faster

it’s still running too late is there any way to speed it up?
Also "we have temporarily disabled creation of Moralis Nitro servers

need to patch a bug

should be back tomorrow"

today/tomorrow it should be back

Are free servers sleeping?
says he can’t sleep in properties but he’s not working full time

now, we deleted the instances from beta because they had a bug

I’m talking about main servers, I didn’t use test servers. Why are the main servers sometimes working and sometimes not

I don’t know what you mean then with main servers

I create a server by logging into my account and making sync settings and running but the server does not pull the transfer instantly. For example, a current transfer takes 3 hours or more.