Test Transaction with WalletConnect – Error

I start to follow this guide

I’ve cloned the code un GitHub

But when i try < test sign code > an error stop the flow

testCall failed TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘personal’)
at HTMLButtonElement.testCall

so I’ve try to show in the console the web3.eth but return undefined
so I’ve show the value of web3 into the console
Web3Provider {_isProvider: true, _events: Array(0), _emitted: {…}, disableCcipRead: false, formatter: Formatter, …}

  1. anyNetwork: false
  2. connection: {url: ‘eip-1193:’}
  3. disableCcipRead: false
  4. formatter: Formatter {formats: {…}}
  5. jsonRpcFetchFunc: ƒ (method, params)
  6. provider: e.default {_events: {…}, _eventsCount: 7, _maxListeners: 30, _blockTracker: t.exports, _ready: o, …}
  7. _emitted: {block: -2}
  8. _events: []
  9. _fastQueryDate: 0
  10. _isProvider: true
  11. _lastBlockNumber: -2
  12. _maxFilterBlockRange: 10
  13. _maxInternalBlockNumber: -1024
  14. _network: {name: ‘homestead’, chainId: 1, ensAddress: ‘0x00000000000C2E074eC69A0dFb2997BA6C7d2e1e’, _defaultProvider: ƒ}
  15. _nextId: 42
  16. _pollingInterval: 4000
  17. blockNumber: (…)
  18. network: (…)
  19. polling: (…)
  20. pollingInterval: (…)
  21. ready: (…)
  22. _cache: (…)
  23. [[Prototype]]: JsonRpcProvider

Can someone help me ? Thank’s

That may be an old syntax with web3.eth from when an web3 object was returned, now it is an ethers object returned in the sdk for enableWeb3 and the syntax is different for ethers compared to web3

Hi Cryptokid,

I followed a guide, but apparently the guide is out of date … this makes me think that Moralis is not what I am looking for

some things are changing fast on moralis side, some guides may be out of date