Terms of performance, uptime, scaling capabilities for server

Hi, Please share details on what we can expect from Moralis (specific numbers will be helpful) in terms of performance, uptime, scaling capabilities (including auto-scaling if applicable), and disaster recovery system.

on what component are you interested in particular?

Moralis server, database

Moralis server has its database saved on the same system. There is no autoscaling now. The server can have different configurations and it will be a downtime of few minutes while the server gets upgraded.

There is an automatic backup done to the server database, but you should do your own backups.

This may help you too:

Thanks for your reply, please provide details:

  1. How many request per minute can handle a server?
  2. What is server’s uptime?
  3. What is the query throughput of the db?
  4. Is there any limit for number of db connections?
  5. What is the average response time of a database?

Some of those answers depend on what type of request you do, like if it does some complex processing, iterate over x records in the database, or other type of action.

The server uptime can depend on what you do, for example if you fill the hard disk then it will stop working.

There isn’t a limit for the number of db connections from what I know. I don’t know the average response time for the database.

We are designing an application using Moralis and it is very important for us to understand the SLA. It is also important to understand the minimum system requirements for self-hosted servers. Pls help

We don’t have yet the option of self hosted servers for a Moralis server. We have SLAs only for enterprise customers, you can also send an email to [email protected].

What are the futures that you intend to use on a Moralis server? You don’t intend to use the api directly?