Temporary game token / nft storage?

Questions on game token temporary storage, when receiving in-game tokens or nft, what is the best practice or options ?

  1. Does the game hold it in memory / local database / application server or moralis.objects and wait for users to press a sync button to write to blockchain ( bulk transaction & save gas fees )

  2. Immediately write the received token or nft to the blockchain ( might incur multiple gas fees )

Both options may require to save a private key in the backend. Second option is easier to implement compared to the first one.

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One thing to consider is how often would tokens or NFTs be received; If the user can get 5 tokens or NFTs in a session, then the first option may make more sense instead of having them sign 5 transactions. You could also look at paying for transactions yourself from your game backend and have the fees covered by the user in another way.