Team on Moralis

Hi guys,

How do we add team members to our Moralis account?

We need our developers to be able to work on the projects together…

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Hi Kentib,

There are currently no “team/group account” features. This is something we’ll need to address later. For now I’d recommend doing 1 or both of the following:

  • Giving multiple devs access to the “main” account. Call this the “testing/staging/prod” environment. Can create server instances for each “shared” environment on the main account.
  • Having each individual dev sign up for the beta to get their own accounts for local dev
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Ok I understand… tanks for the fast reply…
We will figure it out :slight_smile:

Well I went ahead to create this dedicated user+email to be used as the DevTechUSer
Then used this user to create new account at &
Next I give the passwords to the small number of authorized devs for this project.
And this will also suffice for the initial Live Production Site that people on the web will see and the artist will use to Mint his NFTs.

for a second project , I woul dgenerate a whole new set of user accounts just for that project.

keep everything nicely separated

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